Case law research represents the bulk of any legal research assignment in any common law system. Case law research is an indispensable component of both statutory and administrative law research.
In the following sections you will learn both about cases and case law, and about how you can excel in locating the legal opinion of your interest.

But perhaps the most important lesson of this wiki chapter is understanding how limited free-of-charge digital legal research remains, despite all technological advances of the last few years.


Introduction to Case law Research

Court Opinions - The End Result of a Lawsuit

The Pleading Stage

The Discovery Stage
The Trial Stage
The Verdict
The Appeal Stage

Case Law-The Principle of Stare Decisis

How Does the Principle of Stare Decisis Work?

The Heading

Procedural History
Legal Issue(s)
Holding(s) or Decision(s)
Reasoning or Dicta
Separate (Dissenting) Opinions
Problems with Stare Decisis

The Structure of an Opinion Is a Gray Zone

Identifying the Factually Similar Cases
Repositories of Case Dockets and Case Law

How to Locate Case Law

Completing Your Case law Research